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Ombuds Role

The mission of the Ombuds Office is to enhance communication and mitigate conflict at the Laboratory.  


  • Anonymous Helpline
  • (505) 667-9370

What We Do 

  • Provide a safe place for individuals to engage in informal and confidential  conversations
  • Coach and assist individuals to reframe challenges and evaluate options
  • Offer neutral, informal mediation and facilitation between parties in conflict
  • Help visitors explore options and refer to appropriate resources and policy
  • Deliver communication skills training both within and outside the Laboratory, through educational presentations and workshops

What We Do Not Do 

  • Make decisions or arbitrate
  • Go on the record
  • Advocate for individuals
  • Replace formal complaint processes

Who We Serve 

The Ombuds Office is available to anyone in the Laboratory workforce, including students and contractors. We are also available to outside organizations for help in resolving Technology Transfer Partnership and business issues.

Ombuds Brochure (pdf)