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Deep Codesign of Advanced Memory Technologies

EMC3 Data Storage/Management Activities

As a part of the Efficient Mission-Centric Computing Consortium activities, LANL with many partners have embarked on several activities in the “Efficient” Data Storage/Management area.  Some of them are listed here:

  • Grand Unified File Index (GUFI) – a POSIX compliant file indexing system that is incredibly fast while providing secure access to both file/storage administrators and end users. This provides an efficient way to
  • Computational Storage – Offloading some processing activities to on or near data storage devices/sets of devices. This can be done to exploit parallelism of the storage devices themselves, to leverage potentially unused processing capabilities on/near storage, to avoid costly memory bandwidth by using only hosts to do processing, and to save time and energy moving any more data than needs to be moved to host processors.
  • ZFS improvements – we have been helping develop direct-io and enabling offloads like erasure, compression, and encoding in ZFS.
  • Future Open HPC Storage Eco-System activities to promote open source tools for the broad HPC community. This activity is just starting to be formed.