Los Alamos National LaboratoryProgramming Models Team
Extreme-scale computing specializing in novel computing techniques applied to the hardware-software boundary

Team Members

A diverse team spanning a range of research capabilities from programming models and programming languages to systems software and utilization of advanced architectures.

Current team

2016 Students

  • Rajat Singh, NM Tech
  • Brendan Bramman, Hastings
  • Yongkee Kwon, UT Austin
  • Zhihao Jia, Stanford
  • Tavi Zeir, USC
  • Dylan Everingham, UCSD

2015 Students

  • Noah Watkins, Computer Science, UC Santa Cruz
  • Alexandra Gendreau, Computer Science, University of Colorado, Boulder
  • Ian Sohl, Computer Science, University of Utah
  • Xin Tong, Computer Science, Ohio State University
  • Tyler Cecil, Computer Science, New Mexico Tech
  • Sriram Nagaraj, Computational Science, University of Texas, Austin
  • Joe Bottini, Nuclear Engineering, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
  • David Ringo, Computer Science, University of New Mexico