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Theme-based science programs for students in grades 4-12.



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We offer theme-based, Next Generation Science Standards-aligned museum explorations for school groups. When requesting programming, please choose a theme that is complimentary to a focus of study in your classroom.

Museum Explorations Themes at the Bradbury

The Nature of Science
In this theme, students engage in discussion, hands-on activities, and delve into the museum's exhibits to better understand what makes science a unique adventure. Students consider the features of a scientific endeavor, learn about the limits of science, and discover for themselves whether scientific knowledge is certain. Our educators also explore the concept of science as social process and human right.

The engineering theme considers the broad field of engineering. Students gain understanding of what engineering is, who does it, and how they do it. Using the engineering design cycle, students problem-solve through a hands-on challenge in our Tech Lab and learn how engineers change our world.  

Bring History to Life–This theme is for middle school and above. 
Our history theme allows students to examine artifacts from the Manhattan Project at Los Alamos, including Einstein’s letter to President Roosevelt and Fat Man's electronic fireset. They learn about people who played important roles at Los Alamos in our documentary films, "Racing Toward Dawn" and "Stockpile Stewardship: Heritage of Science at Los Alamos." In this theme's hands-on challenge, students experience the urgency and issues faced by Los Alamos scientists in their world-changing race to build the first atomic weapons

  • Programs last 1.5 hours for a maximum of 50 students at a time.
  • For groups 50-100, we provide a morning and afternoon rotation.

To request a museum exploration with our educators, please fill out the MX Request Form and return it to bsm-edu@lanl.gov.

  • Programs last 1.5 hours for a maximum of 50 students at a time.
  • For groups 50-100, we provide a morning and afternoon rotation.
Self-guided museum visits

If you are bringing a group larger than 25 student, but don't require structured programming, please let us know with an email to bsm-edu@lanl.gov.

Summer Science on Wheels

If your school site houses state or federally funded summer academic enrichment programs (21st Century Community Learning Centers or K-3Plus, for example) our museum educators can provide hands-on science experiences at your school site. Please contact us in early spring to request a visit for June or July as availability is limited.

To request information or be added to our program updates emailing, please contact us at bsm-edu@lanl.gov.

Field Trip Funding
The Bradbury Science Museum Association, a non-profit partner of the Bradbury Science Museum, is now accepting applications for bus scholarships. For more information and access to the online form, please go to https://www.bradburyassociation.org/Application. The deadline for applying is January 25, 2019.