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2020 @theBradbury

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June 2, 2015

December 2020

In December's issue of @theBradbury, a story by museum director Linda Deck on what's in store for 2021, a look at the new unveiling of "The Powder Men." You'll meet Heather Bishop in the final installment of "Meet our Guides."

November 2020

In November's issue of @theBradbury, we invite you to join in on the celebration of the Manhattan Project National Historical Park. We give you an inside look of the sweet story behind the uniforms in the History Gallery. You'll meet Tina Moore in the latest installment of "Meet our Guides."

October 2020

In October's issue of @theBradbury, we invite you to the Museum's first virtual High-Tech Halloween. We give you an inside look of the wooden desk inside the top-secret tunnel vault. You'll meet Eluterio Garcia in the latest installment of "Meet our Guides" and read about Norris Bradbury, the Lab's second director.

September 2020

In September's issue of @theBradbury, we invite you to the Museum's first virtual Science on Tap! We introduce you to a new, hands-on interactive for "Explosion Detectives," to the Museum's fabricators and talk about Polynesian tapa cloths. You'll meet Patricia Moore in the latest installment of "Meet our Guides" and get a glimpse of how the Bradbury's MX program will look this school year. Finally, we'll share a special report on the Lab's COVID-19 response and research, and offer up the latest Mars Technica podcast.

August 2020

In August’s edition of @theBradbury, we share what’s going on in our galleries during this otherwise quiet time and talk about some exciting changes coming to our Museum Xplorations program. We explore our signed copy of Jack Aeby's famous Trinity photo and introduce you to Isolina Viloria, one of the Museum’s eight guides. Finally, we invite you to discover Mars Technica, a new, limited-series podcast where experts talk about the science behind the Mars Perseverance mission...

July 2020

In this month’s issue of @theBradbury, we invite you our virtual cloud watching booth during ScienceFest 2020. We share new entries to the Museum’s online collections catalogue and announce the opening of the BSMA’s new, online store. We present our new Guide by Cell tours, which are narrated by our Museum Guides, and introduce you to another of them, Herbert Valdez. Finally, we discuss current Lab research into quantum dots and whether AI might get “sleepy.”

June 2020

In June’s issue of @theBradbury, we ask our you, our readers, to help us solve a small mystery, and introduce you to Jane Clements, one the Museum’s eight guides. We also let you know where our traveling exhibit Building Immunity is heading to next, and share updates about ongoing preservation work happening at Manhattan Project National Historical Park sites in Los Alamos. Finally, we discuss the Lab's cutting-edge research on novel quantum dot solar cells and a new technique to separate industrial noise from natural seismic signals.

May 2020

In May's issue of @theBradbury, we invite you send in questions for Juston Moore, this month's Science on Tap presenter. We discuss how today's social distancing is changing how we serve you; announce the Bradbury's new, online collections catalog; and introduce you to Jennifer Olsen, one of the Museum's eight guides.

April 2020

In April's issue of @theBradbury, we ask you to send in your questions for our first SoT online event, introduce you to our new Science on Tap (SoT) format,and update you on the status of the Bradbury's April events. We also discuss artifact authenticity and and invite you to please contact us if you think you've run across Manhattan Project era "treasures." Finally, we share some timely Lab science updates and talk about leading-edge flat-panel technology underway at Los Alamos.

March 2020

March's issue of @theBradbury is packed with going-ons! We invite you to meet Steve Schreiber of the Lab's Nuclear Process Infrastructure Division at this month's Scientist in the Spotlight, to join us for March's Night with a Nerd with Georgia Strickfaden, to learn about long-term drought impacts at Science on Tap with Chonggang Xu, and to explore our newest exhibit, "Explosion Detectives." We also discuss the Lab's cutting-edge research on satellite 'license plates' and biosensor technology. Finally, we discuss Museum collections and welcome our newest staff, Jonathan Creel, to the Museum.

February 2020

In February's issue of @theBradbury, we invite you to join us for one of three showings of Curie Me Away!, a delightful musical centered on the life and science of Marie Curie. We also invite you to meet Bin Hu of the Lab's Biosecurity and Public Health Group. We introduce you to the Museum's newest staff member, Chelsea Redman, and discuss the Museum's education collection. Finally, we investigate breakthroughs in quantum dot chemistry and share a story about devils and detonators.

January 2020

In January's issue of @theBradbury, we invite you to our Science on Tap and Scientist in the Spotlight events. On January 13, meet Hisato Yamaguchi of the Lab’s Sigma-2: Finishing Manufacturing Science group for a conversation about nanomaterials and atomic armor. Our Scientist Ambassadors will be on hand at the Museum on January 11 to discuss supercomputing at the Lab and the metric system. Also in this issue are dates for upcoming February events, including an electronic field trip featuring the Bradbury and the New Mexico premiere of "Curie Me Away!" In February, @theBradbury will return with its full complement of articles and events.