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Big Science at the Nanoscale

CINT opens its latest installation at the Bradbury.
April 30, 2019
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Please join us at the Bradbury Science Museum on May 16 to discover the world of CINT for yourself.

World-changing scientific discoveries often seem to materialize with just a few giant leaps.  In reality, these discoveries are often years or even decades in the making, take thousands of hours of research, and require serious financial investments from funders. Though blockbuster discoveries make for sensational headlines that capture our attention (think quantum dots or promising cancer research), it’s the incremental progress, the tiny sparks and frustrating failures that actually drive and prompt modifications to scientific exploration. 

Exhibition development at the Bradbury takes rather the same shifting path, with Museum visitors enjoying exhibits that are, unbeknownst to them, the final product of months, even years, of intense design and detailed fabrication efforts. Over the course of an exhibit’s development, Bradbury design staff experience challenges that push their creative boundaries, leading to unique solutions and expand their tool chests for future exhibit projects. Just as with scientific discovery, these small but critical adjustments during development have a huge impact on final products and future projects. 

Our latest exhibit, Big Science at the Nanoscale, is a perfect illustration of how small, well-placed steps can lead to exceptional results. One of the Bradbury’s favorite customers, the Center for Integrated Technologies (CINT) opened its first Bradbury exhibit, a reflection of CINT’s concentration on the study of nanoscale structures and materials, in July 2013. Greeting visitors as they entered the Research Gallery, the exhibit, with its many hands-on components, was an immediate hit with guests of all ages. 

Three years later, for CINT’s 2016 triennial review by the Department of Energy, the Museum updated the exhibit panels to reflect CINT’s evolving portfolio, which had grown and now included research in emerging fields, including improved anthrax detection and ultrafast science. 

This year, with its 2019 triennial review approaching in May, CINT has once again asked the Museum to update their exhibit to showcase the center’s research in metamaterials and nanomechanics.” 

And once again, the Bradbury is thrilled to partner with CINT to tell our visitors the ever-evolving story of the center’s latest advancements and capabilities to visitors from around the world. 

Scientific innovation and collaboration at CINT have steadily propelled progress in nanoscience research for over a decade. With each modest discovery, each subtle next step, scientists at CINT move closer to those headline-making discoveries that strengthen our nation, improve our health, and repair our environment.

Please join us at the Bradbury Science Museum May 16 to discover the world of CINT for yourself.