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Science on Tap with Dr. Cathy Wilson–New Venue!

Join us Monday, May 20, beginning at 5:30 at projectY, located at 150 Central Park Square in Los Alamos.
April 30, 2019
Researchers working in the arctic.

NGEE-Arctic researchers from Los Alamos, University of Alaska Fairbanks and Oak Ridge National Laboratory dig deep snow pits in tall shrub patches to understand the warming effect of snow-shrub interactions on underlying permafrost.


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Are you into drones and helicopters?

Are you curious about how changes in global temperatures are affecting the arctic permafrost? Would you like to learn more about how fine-scale modeling of the terrestrial arctic is advancing our understanding of Earth’s complex climate patterns?  Are you into drones and helicopters? If so, this month’s Science on Tap is for you! Dr. Cathy Wilson of the Lab’s Earth and Environmental Sciences division will join us for a conversation about her research in the Arctic and the extraordinary information gathered via aerial snow surveys. 

Please bring your questions and join the conversation at projectY on Monday, May 20.