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Meet our summer students

Telo, Ian and Joe
We love having students during the summer and work to ensure there is a mutually beneficial experience.

Joe Chacon

Joe joins us from AmeriCorps. His primary objective during his time with the Museum will be to repurpose our small recording room (previously used to record people’s wildfire narratives) to allow people to take selfies with different historic and contemporary backgrounds.

He’s currently working toward a B.S. in system software design at New Mexico Highlands University in Las Vegas, NM.

In the future he hopes to partner with his friends to form a startup company designing custom software.

Ian Grey

Ian joins us from Mountain View College in Dallas, TX. Even though his field is physics, he’s spent time working or volunteering at museums in the past. In fact, the Bradbury is the fourth museum where he’s worked. While here this summer, he plans to help revamp some of the Museum’s education webpages in an effort to make them more robust and useful. He’s also become involved in several other Museum-centered initiatives. 

He plans to continue to work in museums and may one day run a planetarium. He is sure he’ll be a teacher or some form of educator during his career.

Telo Hoy

Telo Hoy will spend time this summer using his music background to augment our new Climate Perspectives exhibit. While here, he expects to write five different musical pieces for the project, mostly in the contemporary classical category.

He currently attends Bard College in Annandale-On-Hudson, NY, where he is a composition major.

In future, he hopes to use his skills to compose music across a variety fields and musical genres.