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New Exhibit of Women's Research at the Lab

Will Move to the Bradbury Science Museum in the Spring
January 1, 2016
A new exhibit highlights women's contributions to science

A new exhibit highlights women's contributions to science


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Every quarter a new exhibit rotates through a display case near the Director’s office at the Lab's main Technical Area. Recently, artifacts were mounted that show some of the work that women have done at the Lab—both in the past and ongoing. You’ll get a chance to see it when it moves to the Bradbury Science Museum later this spring.

While it is only possible to showcase a few of the contributions that women have made to the Lab’s success over the years, this particular display includes Jane Hall’s work with a neutron reflector during World War II and Rashee Iyer’s current efforts to create surrogate human organs.

Among the items included are pieces from the “Clementine” reactor (circa 1952), an artificial liver system, and a Lab publication from 1972 and an accompanying orange parka like the one worn by Julia Hardin on its cover.  

The display is a cooperative effort between the Bradbury Science Museum and the Lab’s Records Management Services organization.

We’ll let you know when the display has moved to the Bradbury.