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Climate Perspectives: Change in the Terrestrial Arctic

Rising temperatures are rapidly reshaping the terrestrial Arctic. Climate Perspectives: Change in the Terrestrial Arctic is an interactive look at Arctic climate change and climate science through the eyes of scientists and artists.

August 18, 2014
Alaska researcher

Climate Perspectives is a collaboration of many individuals and organizations.

The subject of climate change can be daunting. For some, the prospect is scary. For others the amount of information on the topic is overwhelming. Still others would prefer to ignore and discount the changes we’re seeing in our environment.

With Climate Perspectives: Change in the Terrestrial Arctic there is an opportunity to explore not only the scientific aspects of the work that is being done by Los Alamos and others as part of the Next Generation Ecosystem Experiments (NGEE-Arctic) but also aesthetic interpretations of the subject through art, poems and even music.

The work of fine artists, photographers, poets, graphic artists, musicians and others have been brought together to engage our visitors at a deeper level and help bring the science of climate change alive in a unique way.

Incorporating more than 800 individual items, the highly interactive, touch-friendly exhibit follows the viewers’ interests as they pick and chose which aspects of the information engages them the most.

Not only will the exhibit evolve over time with new and original content but we welcome more partners in hopes of expanding to additional aspects of Arctic climate change.

Available to Museums

There is also a traveling edition available for three-month loans to other museums and science centers—for only the cost of shipping! Read more information about the Climate Perspectives loan program (pdf).

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