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Learn about the Lab’s current mission and its vital role in the economy and quality of life in the northern New Mexico community.

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We learn more each time we visit! - Visitor comment

Interactive Exhibits

Experience more than 60 interactive exhibits in the Museum's three galleries: History, Defense, and Research. Exhibits explore the Manhattan Project, the Lab’s work on national nuclear defense, and the Laboratory’s research on life sciences, material sciences, space, supercomputing, energy, and the environment.

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New exhibits now open


Explosions for Research


For more than 70 years, Los Alamos National Laboratory has been a frontrunner in explosives research, development and applications.


Turning Algae into Energy in New Mexico

Algae to Biofuels: Squeezing Power from Pond Scum

What if you could power your life using pond scum? Los Alamos researchers are working to make this a reality.


Overview of Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies (CINT)

Nanotechnology: The Science of the Small

Big possibilities with tiny science! Nanotechnology scientists at Los Alamos study how to design and create structures and materials from nanoparticles.

Cell Phone Audio Tour

Faces of Science: The People Behind our Science

Meet the scientists behind the science at Los Alamos. Many of them felt a calling to science at an early age...now they work at a world-class research facility where childhood dreams have become reality. Use your cell phone or borrow one of ours to listen to their stories of dedication to solving world problems.

Faces of Science interactive feature