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Online Collections catalog premiere.

May 04, 2020 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Bradbury Science Museum Website
Stacy Baker
(505) 695-6615
Public Event
images of artifacts in the Bradbury Science Museum's online collections catalog.

Event Description

The Bradbury Science Museum announces the opening of its online collections catalog.

The Bradbury Science Museum has been a collecting institution since 1953. Our photographs, archives, and objects document and preserve the history of the groundbreaking science accomplished at Los Alamos, from the Manhattan Project during WWII to the present day. Many of the artifacts in our collections can be seen throughout the Museum galleries in exhibits that highlight the history and current research of Los Alamos National Laboratory. However, many of them cannot. Not only is space in the Museum at a premium, many of these artifacts require specialized care and handling to preserve them. Many demand specific temperature and humidity ranges, while others are vulnerable to sunlight or to the oils on our hands. For these reasons, the majority of artifacts in the Bradbury’s collections warehouse have rarely, if ever, been on display for our visitors. Until now.

Thanks to our dedicated collections specialist, Wendy Strohmeyer, these rarely seen artifacts are making their way to the public through the Bradbury’s online collections catalog. Current catalog entries focus on artifacts related to the Manhattan Project and include images and descriptions of those artifacts, which include detonators, service award pins, and even the hardcover "Bhagavad-Gita," that belonged to J. Robert Oppenheimer. The Bradbury invites you to visit our collections catalog and make new discoveries about the Lab, Los Alamos, and the Bradbury Science Museum.

For more information about the Bradbury Science Museum’s artifact collections, please contact our Collections Specialist at wstrohmeyer@lanl.gov.