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Quantum Programming 2017

ISTI solicits Rapid Response Research Proposals on the topic of Quantum Programming.


  • Institute Director
  • Jim Ahrens
  • (505) 667-5797
  • Email
  • Professional Staff Assistant
  • Veronica Rodriguez
  • (505) 665-0528
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Submission deadline is August, 21, 2017

December 13, 2017, 8:30 am – 12:15 pm

Research Presentations

Location: Oppenheimer Study Center, Jemez/Cochiti Rooms
Final Reports

  • Quantum Programming Intro, Stephan Eldenbenz (ISTI)
  • Quantum Fourier Transform, Shor’s Algorithm, Hristo Djidjev, Gopinath Chennupati (CCS-3) | Slides (LANL Only) (pdf)
  • Quantum Simulation,  Petr Anisimov (AOT-AE)
  • Quantum Simulation (Transverse Quantum Ising Model), Lin Shizeng
  • Quantum Approximate Optimization, Carleton Coffrin (A-1) |
  • Quantum Tomography, Andrey Lokhov (T-5)
  • Quantum Principal Component Analysis, Patrick Coles (T-4)
  • Lloyd’s Algorithm,  Lakshman Prasad, Phil Romero (ISR-3, HPC-ENV)
  • Quantum Support Vector Machine, Boram Yoon (CCS-7)
  • Graph Properties in Adjacency List Model and Grover’s Algorithm, Nathan Lemons (T-5)
  • Network Flows, John Ambrosiano, Randy Roberts (A-1)
  • State Preparation, Balu Nadiga (CCS-2)
  • Future Directions for Quantum Computing at LANL, John Sarrao (ADTSC)