The KIVA family of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software predicts complex fuel and air flows as well as ignition, combustion, and pollutant-formation processes in engines.

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Is there any particular constraint for running KIVA-4mpi on a single processor unit (for instance 6-core Xeon)?

KIVA-4mpi can be run on a single processor even those with multiple cores. However, to compile KIVA-4mpi requires MPICH2 or compatible even if the intent is to run in serial mode.

In which language is written source code KIVA-4mpi?

Fortran 95 but it looks in places like f77, no derived types in KIVA-4.

Which OS is recommendable for KIVA 4 codes (single or 4mpi version)?

Linux type operating systems are recommended, but some have used Windows and MPICH2 for Windows. 

After downloading the Trial software '.exe' file, how can I execute the file in Linux.

Type ./kiva-demo.exe.

Is KIVA-3V Compatible with Linux Operating System? (If yes, Please specify the type. Red hat/Ubuntu/etc.)? Is it compatible on a Fortran Compiler?

KIVA-3V can be run on any O/S and pretty much any Fortran compiler, even f77. We recommend gfortran or intel or pgf, absoft, etc.

Is it possible to install the KIVA software on Windows 8?

Los Alamos National Lab runs on Windows 7, the codes are built in this O/S environment.

To try KIVA demo in Windows 8 try tapping the executable file and see if it runs or worse open the file explorer and clicking on it (double tap or single?). Typically the code is run from the command prompt, or by just clicking on it when in the Windows environment.