Partnerships & Sponsored Work

Los Alamos is at its best when U.S. Industry brings us their toughest problems, and allows us to find creative and valuable solutions through true partnership.


Cooperative Research and Development Agreements

Los Alamos facilitates partnerships with industry, academia, and research institutions through Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs). The fastest growing sector of the Los Alamos CRADA portfolio is directly related to collaborating with industry partners to meet mission needs across a wide range of government customers.

Los Alamos is at its best when we collaborate on difficult technical problems. The ability to bring value to
both sides of the partnership, for multiple projects, over many years, and spanning different parts of each organization, have been the hallmarks of our most successful partnerships.

A CRADA allows Los Alamos and its partners to work together to optimize their resources, leverage technical expertise and capabilities, and generate intellectual property emerging from the collaboration. Outcomes from the CRADA are designed to facilitate commercialization and accelerate the CRADA partner’s ability to impact its industry.

The Laboratory has nearly 100 active CRADA’s and puts a strong emphasis on this part of the agreement portfolio. Some of the nations most recognized, and impactful public-private partnerships have been with Los Alamos CRADA’s.

Strategic Partnership Projects

Los Alamos scientists and engineers conduct basic research across a wide range of scientific areas to support our national security mission. Many of the Laboratory’s technologies, processes, scientific capabilities, and special technical expertise can be applied to solve problems for large and small businesses, local and state governments, universities, and non-profit organizations. This is done through mutually beneficial Strategic Partnership Projects (SPP). This reimbursable work is full-cost recovery of Laboratory expenditures incurred as a result of performing contracted work.