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At Los Alamos, the Richard P. Feynman Center for Innovation (FCI) sustains a culture that revolves around converting new ideas into solutions. We facilitate this conversion by aligning Laboratory capabilities with industry’s challenges and with our country’s need to protect against threats.


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Who is Richard P. Feynman?

As one of the first patent holders at the Laboratory, scientist Richard P. Feynman  was defined by his creative approach to problem solving, unconventional perspective, and ability  to communicate with a flair. The Richard P. Feynman Center for Innovation (FCI) is inspired and driven by the Feynman legacy.

What is the Richard P. Feynman Center for Innovation (FCI)?

FCI is an innovation catalyst. We define “innovation” as the path from scientific creativity to deployment of a solution. 

BiotechnologyInnovation Assets: We foster innovation. FCI is a steward of the Laboratory’s Intellectual Property (inventions and software). As competitors in a modern R&D enterprise, we emphasize business practices that are fast, fair, transparent, and valuable.

EnergyMarket TransitionWe deploy innovation. The strategic success of the Laboratory depends on the generation of new technologies that create opportunities for industry partners. Locally, we will work toward a region in which the communities of Northern New Mexico are key partners in growth and the Laboratory is a catalyst for diverse economic development.

Homeland Security & DefenseStrategic Sponsored Work: We deliver innovation. With an integrated portfolio of R&D work, we leverage partnerships with top-tier industry, other federal agencies, and universities to build the best teams and ensure we are working on the most challenging problems relevant to the Laboratory’s mission.

Why FCI?

Our efforts will allow Los Alamos to continue to attract the most talented and dedicated staff with the drive and skills necessary to keep the Laboratory at the leading edge of innovation for national security. It is our responsibility to be a trusted adviser on technology development and policy implementation. The United States technology advantage in national security is tied to the Laboratory’s ability to convert new ideas into innovative solutions, and FCI will help the Laboratory compete in an ever-changing global marketplace.

For general inquiries, email feynmancenter@lanl.gov or call (505) 665-9090.