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Nuclear Weapons Journal

The Nuclear Weapons Journal (NWJ) publishes unclassified articles on nuclear weapons science and engineering at Los Alamos National Laboratory and on facilities, security, safety, and environmental topics related to the weapons programs. The NWJ is a publication of the Principal Associate Directorate for Weapons Programs

Journal Highlights

remote sensing of structural conditionsModeling Chaotic Mixing
Unsteady hydrodynamic flow produces chaotic mixing, problematic in aeronautics, laser micro machining and other industrial applications. Los Alamos scientists’ mesh convergence data, algorithm analysis, and experimental validations provide theoretical predictions of the complex phenomena.

british contingent at los alamosSynergistic Science
LANL's forte? Multidisciplinary approaches to tackling complex challenges. Read how diverse experts provide nonproliferation engineering expertise, science, and technology to support the nation's deterrent and international stability. Learn how new international policy and proposed funding may affect our weapons program's future.

remote sensing of structural conditionsExplosives School Saves Lives
Los Alamos scientists use explosives expertise and advanced technology to train US military personnel to recognize homemade explosives, widespread threats that are frequently concealed.

british contingent at los alamosLasers Provide Safer Remote Detection
New ultrashort laser pulse technique are being developed to detect trace amounts of explosive molecules from a safe distance—to protect citizens from a terrorist’s bomb or secure our troops in the field.

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