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Stellar Pulsation: Challenges for Theory and Observation

Santa Fe, New Mexico

May 31 - June 5, 2009

Conference Program


The detailed program of oral presentations is now available for download as a pdf by clicking here. All talks will be held in the ballroom on the second floor of the La Fonda hotel. The schedule is also visible at the bottom of this page. Invited review talks will be 30 minutes including question and answer time. Contributed talks will be 15 minutes including question and answer time. The screen size on which talks will be projected is 10 feet x 10 feet.

The conference talks will run through Friday afternoon at 4 pm, so please plan to stay the entire week.

Posters and poster size

A list of poster titles and presenting authors is available by pdf by clicking here. Because we have received over 80 submissions, to comfortably fit into the poster space we have divided the posters into two sessions, Sun-Mon-Tues and Wed-Fri. In addition to breakfast, coffee breaks, and lunch breaks, there are two dedicated poster viewing times, one for each session, 10:30-noon Tuesday and 10:30-noon Thursday.

The first session poster boards will be ready for setup in Ballroom North as early as 4:00 pm Sunday May 31 (before the reception). The posters for the second session can remain up until the end of the conference at 4:00 pm Friday June 5.

Posters will be attached to the backing with Velcro, which will be available. The available space is 46 7/8" (inches) wide by 36 9/16" (inches) tall, not including an optional header board area available for a title. A diagram of the poster backing is available here.


Abstract Book

We are now printing the abstract book for the conference. You may download a pdf of the abstract book by clicking here (3.1 Megabytes). A printed double-sided copy of the abstract book with spiral binding will be included in your registration packet.


Special events

The reception (Sunday evening, May 31) and the banquet (Thursday evening, June 4) will be held at La Terraza, which is on the third floor of the La Fonda hotel starting at 6 pm. Light refreshments will be provided every morning and afternoon outside of the ballroom. Conference participants are on their own for lunch—please consult Salman Habib's restaurant listing or ask one of the conference organizers for lunch suggestions.

Wednesday afternoon there will be a tour of Los Alamos and surrounding attractions provided by Buffalo Tours—the bus will leave the La Fonda Hotel at 13:30 and return at 19:00. Cost for the tour is $46 (not included in registration). Please see the Tours page for additional information and other available companion tours.

At the banquet Thursday, June 4, we will have a special guest speaker Robert Christy (link to biography and photo) who is now 93 years old and a Professor Emeritus at Caltech. Dr. Christy attended the first Los Alamos Stellar Pulsation Conference in 1971.

We will also have special music at the banquet, the Mozart Clarinet Quintet, performed by Bob Chrien, Jim Knudson, Alice Mutschlechner, Rachel Hixson, and Carol Nielson of Los Alamos.


Conference Sessions, Chairs, and Speakers

Session Chair Invited Review Speaker
Cepheid Distance Scale Guzik Barnes1Thomas G. Barnes, U. Texas, Austin
Cepheid Pulsation Theory Keady Buchler1J. Robert Buchler, U. Florida
Polaris and its Kin Cox Turner1David Turner, St. Mary's U., Halifax, Nova Scotia
OGLE Data (short invited talk)   SoszynksiIgor Soszynski, U. Warsaw, Poland
Mira and RV Tauri Star Pulsations Wood WillsonLee Anne Willson, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, USA
Session Chair Invited Review Speaker
RR Lyrae Variables in Stellar Systems Becker HASmith1Horace Smith, Michigan State University
RR Lyrae Pulsation Theory Bono Marcella Marconi, Osservatorio Astronomico di Capodimonti, Naples, Italy
The Seismic Landscape as Seen by CoRot (short invited talk)   BaglinAnnie Baglin, CoRot P.I., L'Observatoire de Paris, France (Talk to be given by Andrea Miglio)
Blazhko Effect Chadid Geza Kovacs, Konkoly Observatory, Hungary
Session Chair Invited Review Speaker
Luminous Blue and Wolf-Rayet Variables Dziembowski Art CoxArthur N. Cox, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, New Mexico
Beta Cephei. SPB Star and Be Star Variables   BalonaLuis Balona, South African Astronomical Observatory, Cape Town, South Africa
Beta Cephei Stars from the ASAS: a New Look at Hot Pulsators (short invited talk)   Pigulski1Andrzej Pigulski, Astronomical Institute, University of Wroclaw, Poland
Solar Type Variable Stars Molenda-Zakowicz Houdek1Guenter Houdek, University of Cambridge, UK
Session Chair Invited Review Speaker
Delta Scuti Variables Breger Handler1Gerald Handler, Institute for Astronomy, U. Vienna, Austria
Solar Oscillations Christensen-Dalsgaard Kosovichev1Alexander Kosovichev, Stanford University, California, USA
SOHO Data (short invited talk)   Garcia1Rafael A. Garcia, CEA, Saclay, France
Gamma Doradus Variables Matthews Pollard1Karen Pollard, U. Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand
MOST Data MatthewsJaymie Matthews, U. British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
Middle and Lower Main Sequence and Pre-Main Sequence Variables Shibahashi KurtzDonald Kurtz, Centre for Astrophysics, U. Central Lancashire, United Kingdom
Session Chair Invited Review Speaker
Subdwarf B Star (EC14026) Pulsations Bradley Charpinet1.jpgStephane Charpinet, Observatoire Midi-Pyrenees, Toulouse, France
White Dwarf and Pre-White dwarf Pulsations   MontgomeryMike Montgomery, U. Texas Austin, USA



Conference Schedule


Sunday, May 31

18:00-20:00 Reception and registration (La Terraza at the La Fonda Hotel)


Monday, June 1

Time Speaker Title
08:00 Put up posters
08:45 Joyce Guzik and Art Cox Welcome
09:00 Thomas Barnes Cepheid Distance Scale (Invited)
09:30 Wolfgang Gieren (presented by Thomas Barnes) A direct distance to the LMC from Cepheid variables
09:45 Giuseppe Bono The Cepheid period-luminosity relation and the extraglactic distance scale
10:00 Lucas Macri The SHOES project: HST observations of Cepheids in NGC 4258 . .
10:15 Coffee Break and Poster Viewing
10:45 Nicolas Nardetto ((presented by Thomas Barnes) From the dynamics of Cepheids to the Milky Way rotation, and the distance scale calibration
11:00 Shashi Kanbur Multiphase PC/PL relations: Comparison between theory and obsrvations
11:15 J. Robert Buchler Cepheid Pulsation Theory (Invited)
11:45 Victoria Scowcroft The effect of metallicity on Cepheid magnitudes and the distance to M33
12:00-13:15 Break for Lunch
13:15 David Turner Polaris and its Kin (Invited)
13:45 Nancy Evans Fundamental Parameters of Cepheids: Masses and Multiplicity
14:00 Radek Smolec On resonant and non-resonant origin of double-mode Cepheid pulsation
14:15 Antoine Merand What we learned from interferometric observations of Cepheids
14:30 Igor Soszynski OGLE Data (short invited talk)
14:45 Edward Schmidt Mining sky surveys for astrophysically interesting variable stars: the Cepheid period range
15:00 Coffee Break and Poster Viewing
15:30 Lee Anne Willson Mira and RV Tauri Star Pulsations (Invited)
16:00 Christine Nicholls New results on long secondary periods in red giants
16:15 Saskia Hekker Red giants observed with CoRoT
16:30 Michelle Creech-Eakman Multiwavelength study of pulsation and dust production in Mira variables using optical interferometry for constraints
16:45 Hilding R. Neilson The connection betwen pulsation, mass loss, and circumstellar shells in classical Cepheids


Tuesday, June 2

Time Speaker Title
09:00 Horace Smith RR Lyrae Variables in Stellar Systems (Invited)
09:30 James Nemec The variable stars in the LMC star cluster NGC 2257
09:45 George Wallerstein Carbon-rich RR Lyrae stars
10:00 Marcella Marconi RR Lyrae Pulsation Theory (Invited)
10:30-12:00 Coffee Break and Poster Viewing
12:00-13:00 Break for Lunch
13:00 Annie Baglin (talk to be given by Andrea Miglio) Seismic Landscape as seen from CoRoT (short invited talk)
13:15 Merieme Chadid First RR Lyrae light curve from CoRoT: Big challenge and constraint to the theoretical models
13:30 Margit Paparo Shock wave and pulsation connection in a monoperiodic CoRoT RR Lyrae star
13:45 Istvan Dekany Physical properties of double-mode RR Lyrae stars based on pulsation and evolution models
14:00-14:30 Coffee Break and Conference Photo
14:30 Geza Kovacs The Blazhko Effect (Invited)
15:00 Johanna Jurcsik New results of the Konkoly Blazhko group
15:15 Arthur N. Cox Radial and nonradial beating modes for RR Lyrae variable star Blazhko effects
15:30 Short stretching break
15:45 Katrien Kolenberg Observational constraints on the magnetic field of RR Lyrae stars
16:00 Adam Sodor Changes in mean global physical parameters of Blazhko variables derived from multicolour photometry
16:15-17:00 Additional poster viewing time


Wednesday, June 3

Time Speaker Title
09:00 Arthur N. Cox LBV and Wolf Rayet Variables (Invited)
09:30 Luis Balona Beta Cephei, SPB, and Be variables (Invited)
10:00 Andrzej Pigulski Beta Cephei Stars from the ASAS: A New Look at HOt Pulsators (short invited talk)
10:15 Coffee break and poster viewing
10:45 Richard Townsend Toward self-consistent angular momentum transport in pulsating massive stars
11:00 Catherine Lovekin Rotation and overshoot in the beta Cephei star theta Ophiuchi
11:15 Robert Deupree Rotational splitting of pulsation modes in rapidly rotating stars
11:30 Guenter Houdek Solar-type Variable Stars (Invited)
12:00 Andrea Miglio Inference from adiabatic analysis of solar-like oscillations in red giants
12:15-13:30 Break for Lunch
13:30-19:00 Tour of Los Alamos. Bus leaves from La Fonda Hotel.


Thursday, June 4

Time Speaker Title (click link to see abstract)
09:00 Gerald Handler Delta Scuti Variables (Invited)
09:30 Michel Breger Period variations in delta Scuti stars
09:45 D.H. McNamara Interesting properties of delta Scuti stars
10:05 Arti Garg HADS in the LMC: Initial findings from the SuperMACHO project
10:20 Ennio Poretti The CoRoT era: A new look to delts Sct stars from space
10:35-12:00 Coffee Break and Poster Viewing
12:00-13:15 Break for Lunch
13:00 Alexander Kosovichev Solar Oscillations (Invited)
13:30 Rafael Garcia SOHO Data (short invited talk)
13:45 Irina Kitiashvili Realistic MHD numerical simulations of solar convection and oscillations in magnetic regions
14:00 Karen Pollard Gamma Doradus Variables (Invited)
14:30 Duncan Wright Results from classification observations and a multi-site campaign on gamma Doradus and SPB-type stars
14:45 Coffee Break and Poster Viewing
15:15 Jaymie Matthews MOST Data (short invited talk)
15:30 Don Kurtz Pulsation in chemically peculiar stars of the upper main sequence (Invited)
16:00 Hiromoto Shibahashi Numerical simulations of line rofile variation in roAp stars
16:30 Hideyuki Saio Modelling pulsations of the roAp star HR 1217 (HD 24712)
18:00-22:00 Banquet with special guest speaker Robert Christy


Friday, June 5

Time Speaker Title
09:00 Joanna Molenda-Zakowicz Spectroscopic and photometric observations for Kepler asteroseismic targets
09:15 Travis Metcalfe An asteroseismic model-fitting pipeline for solar-like oscillations
09:30 Joyce Ann Guzik Early solar mass loss, opacity uncertainties, and the solar abundance problem
09:45 Stephane Charpinet Subdwarf B Star Pulsations (Invited)
10:15 Coffee break and poster viewing
10:45 Bruce Hrivnak Pulsational light and velocity variability in post-AGB stars
11:00 Mike Montgomery White Dwarf and Pre-White Dwarf Pulsations (Invited)
11:30 Barbara Castanheira Seismological studies of ZZ Ceti stars
11:45 Poster viewing
12:30-13:30 Break for Lunch
13:30 Agnes Kim Asteroseismological analysis of rich pulsating white dwarfs
13:45 Ann Marie Cody Pulsation powered by deuterium burning in brown dwarfs
14:00 Stehane Mathis Magneto-gravito-inertial waves in strongly stratified stellar radiation zones
14:15 Zsofia Bognar Light curve patterns and seismology of a white dwarf with complex pulsation
14:30 Giuliana Fiorentino The ancient population of Messier 32
14:45 Coffee and short stretching break
15:00 Wrap up discussion, closing remarks, thanks, next pulsation meeting, directions for proceedings

Transportation leaves for Albuquerque Grand Hotel near ABQ airport