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Stellar Pulsation: Challenges for Theory and Observation

Santa Fe, New Mexico

May 31 - June 5, 2009


Conference proceedings will be published by the American Institute of Physics, and will be edited by the conference organizers. Payment for a copy of the proceedings is included as part of the registration fee.

Invited review speakers will be asked to write a proceedings which is a maximum of 12 pages long. Speakers for contributed talks will be asked to write a proceedings paper which is a maximum of 5 pages long, and poster contributers will be asked to write a paper which is a maximum of 3 pages long. People who have contributed multiple posters (or a talk and a poster) are welcome to contribute one article per contribution.

Due to constraints from AIP, all articles will be due six weeks from the end of the conference, on Monday, July 20, 2009. The conference proceedings will be an 8.5" x 11", double column hardbound book, and style files for the proceedings are available at this website. This conference proceedings will also be made available on the web simultaneously with the publication of the hardbound version. Please note that by default figures in the hardbound version of the proceedings will be in black and white, and web-based proceedings have the option to have color images.

New notes:

You may use Word or LateX, but please send your file in addition in pdf. We will be submitting the files to AIP as pdfs.

The PACS numbers are suggested, but are optional.

The AIP style prefers references that are numbered, with the numbers referred to in the text, but any reference format is acceptable as long as you are consistent within your article.

You can E-mail your proceedings to Joyce Guzik ( We are investigating setting up an ftp site, but if you have multiple long files you can also use from your web browser the utility with as the recipient. We wil try to confirm receipt within 24 hours, but if you do not receive a confirmation, please E-mail Joyce Guzik or Paul Bradley ( to let us know that we should have received your paper.