DeltaE for MacIntosh.


Beginning with Version 5.5b6, DeltaE has been ported to the Mac environment once again. For Macintosh use, a PowerPC Mac (no Intel yet) is required, running OS X. This executable was built under version 10.4.5, but it should operate under any version-10 OS.

This MacIntosh version is nearly identical to the Windows/DOS version from the user standpoint. There are no GUI features as yet, and the application is designed for use in a "Terminal" window. For commands, refer to the user manual and you should see little difference from the "DOS box" behavior. To run the code from Terminal, simply type: $ ./DeltaE planwave if the application is in the same folder as your model file ("planwav" in this example). You'll probably want to place the application in a folder that you make part of your PATH variable, so you can execute it from any folder without the "./" prefix.

The file that is linked above is a "gzip" archive. Safari will uncompress this file automatically, leaving you with a DeltaE application, but you may have to set the executable permission manually. Within the terminal window, type: $ chmod +x DeltaE at the prompt. If you download with another browser, like Firefox, and save the file to disk, you can run gunzip to unpack it: $ gunzip DeltaEMacOSx55b6.gz That above should leave you with an executable file. If you use another application, like StuffIt, to unpack, you may or may not need the "chmod" command, and the file may get named differently, but you can rename it however you want.

If you work with existing text files that contain DeltaE models, you may need to be aware of the 3 conventions for "end-of-line" you will encounter: DOS=CR/LF; Mac=CR; MacOSX=Unix=LF. The application should read any of the 3 happily, but you may need to make conversions as you move files around or if you have a problem.