DeltaE for Macintosh.


Update: Ver. 5.5b61 is identical to 5.5b6, but has been compiled assuming a G4 processor (it still runs on G5 models as before).  If you are trying to run on an G3 and run into problems, please contact the authors.


For the DeltaE Users Guide, look here.

Beginning with Version 5.5b6, DeltaE has been ported to the Mac environment once again. For Macintosh use, a PowerPC Mac (no Intel yet) is required, running OS X. This executable was built under version 10.4.5 (Tiger), but it should operate under any version-10 OS.

This Macintosh DeltaE is nearly identical to the Windows/DOS version from the user standpoint. There are no GUI features as yet, and the application is designed for use in a "Terminal" window. For commands, refer to the user manual and you should see little difference from the "DOS box" behavior. To run the code from Terminal, simply type: $ ./DeltaE planewav if the application is in the same folder as your model file ("" in this example).

If you are unfamiliar with Unix and command line environments, a brief study of Unix/Linux console command environments, and the bash shell in particular, is a worthy investment.  There are numerous web tutorials such as this reference:

Installation Notes: 

The file that is linked above is a compressed tar archive. If you double-click it in the Finder, it will generate a folder with the two subfolders described below.  Use the Finder to drag the folders to locations in your home folder. 

To unpack the archive under under Terminal, save the file to your home folder and use:

 $ tar bxzf DeltaE.MacOSX.55b61.tgz

This will leave you with a DeltaE application in the folder ./bin and the sample files under a folder ./Examples. You'll probably want to place the application in a folder (e.g., ~/bin) that you make part of your PATH variable, so you can execute it from any folder without the "./" prefix. See documentation on your bshellb (bash, by default) for notes on how to modify the PATH variable using the .bash_profile file found in your home directory. You may have to set the executable permission manually (cd to the containing folder and type: chmod +x DeltaE at the prompt).

Cross-Platform Compatibility:

If you work with existing text files that contain DeltaE models, you may need to be aware of the 3 conventions for "end-of-line" you will encounter: Windows-DOS=CR/LF; Mac(OS 9)=CR; Mac OS X=Unix=LF. While DeltaE and many editors should be able to adjust automatically when reading, you may need to make conversions as you move files among machines or if you have a problem reading in a file that looks correct otherwise. A typical symptom will be that most or all of the segments are not read.  New files that are written by DeltaE will always adopt the convention of the native operating system.