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Los Alamos National Laboratory
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Delivering science and technology to protect our nation and promote world stability

Safety, Security

The Lab's mission is to develop and apply science and technology to ensure the safety, security, and reliability of the U.S. nuclear deterrent; reduce global threats; and solve other emerging national security and energy challenges.


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We do not compromise safety for personal, programmatic, or operational reasons.

Safety: we integrate safety, security, and environmental concerns into every step of our work

Our commitments

  • We conduct our work safely and responsibly to achieve our mission.
  • We ensure a safe and healthful environment for workers, contractors, visitors, and other on-site personnel.
  • We protect the health, safety, and welfare of the general public.
  • We do not compromise safety for personal, programmatic, or operational reasons.

We integrate safety, security, and environmental concerns into every step of our work using a process called Integrated Safety Management (ISM).

Five core functions of ISM, our safety process

  1. Define the scope of work. What are you going to do? Work planning should consider what might go wrong.
  2. Identify and analyze hazards associated with the work. What are the hazards to people, environment, and equipment? Anticipate human errors and put defenses in place.
  3. Develop and implement hazard controls. How can hazards be eliminated or mitigated?
  4. Perform work within controls. Follow the plan that incorporates the controls and be aware of any new hazards.
  5. Provide feedback and continuous improvement. Make sure people who need to know are aware of successes and issues.

 total recordable safety cases chart

LANL’s safety performance has improved significantly since 2006, with total recordable case rates dropping from close to 3.5 in June 2006 to 1.7 in February 2012.

Merit-level recognition in 2010 as part of DOE's Voluntary Protection Program

The Laboratory received Merit-level recognition in 2010 from DOE as part of its Voluntary Protection Program. Merit is a status for DOE contractors with highly effective safety programs who commit themselves to attain Star status within a five-year period. (Star recognition is the highest achievement level and recognizes outstanding safety and health programs.)

Security: physical security of our employees and facilities and security of our information and computer systems is paramount

  • Employees may be subject to random drug tests, vehicle inspections, and searches of individual belongings. Certain Lab areas have multiple layers of access control. 
  • Our highly-trained protective force, managed by SOC, LLC, is equipped with military-grade vehicles and weapons.
  • Our nuclear and hazardous materials are protected and accounted for.
  • LANL’s cyber security efforts garnered a U.S. National Cyber Security Innovation Award in 2011.

Innovations for a secure nation

Novel rocket design flight tested

Novel rocket design flight tested

The new rocket fuel and motor design adds a higher degree of safety by separating the fuel from the oxidizer, both novel formulations that are, by themselves, not able to detonate.

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