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Tektronix has recently received reports of two incidents of TDS3000B oscilloscopes burning at customer sites. The failed products were produced several years ago. In both cases, the product had a TDS3BATB Lithium-Ion battery installed and was connected to mains (AC) power. Tektronix is investigating these failures to determine the root cause and any required corrective actions. 

While Tektronix is continuing to work on determining the root cause, the company has identified that under a set of circumstances, the instrument may cause the battery pack to overcharge and ignite, and possibly explode. BECAUSE OF THE POTENTIAL FOR INJURY TO A USER OR DAMAGE TO PROPERTY, WE ARE IMMEDIATELY NOTIFYING OUR CUSTOMERS TO REMOVE THE TDS3BATB BATTERIES FROM ALL TDS3000 AND TDS3000B OSCILLOSCOPES AND STOP USING THE BATTERIES UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. 

Tektronix wants customers to be made aware of the following regarding operation of the TDS3000 and TDS3000B oscilloscopes, and the TDS3BATB battery:

The TDS3000 and TDS3000B oscilloscopes are safe when operated without the TDS3BATB battery.
TDS3BATB batteries must be removed from the TDS3000 and TDS3000B oscilloscopes and not used until further notice from Tektronix. 

As Tektronix continues to investigate the situation, updated product and contact information for corrective actions will be on the following Web site: 

Click Here

At Tektronix, our customers safety is our highest priority. We appreciate your understanding as we work to address this issue.

Robert A. Bluhm
Vice President & General Manager
Tektronix Value Scopes Product Line



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