Los Alamos National LaboratoryOffice of National Security and International Studies
Providing national security and technology policy analysis

Providing national security and technology policy analysis

The Office of National Security and International Studies (NSIS) is responsible for providing national security and technology policy analysis relevant to the Laboratory’s mission.  Working in collaboration with LANL’s weapons, and science, technology and engineering directorates, NSIS monitors the national and international security environment, as well as scientific developments, and assesses impacts to the Laboratory and the nation. NSIS engages relevant external organizations, such as the Department of Energy, National Nuclear Security Administration, Department of Defense (DoD), Department of State, as well as academia and policy communities, and international and non-governmental organizations.

There are several portfolios within NSIS.  Two key portfolios are Strategic Analysis and Assessments (SAA) and Mission Integration (MI).  SAA provides analyses and assessments, education and outreach to numerous United States Government stakeholders. SAA works together with our partners to develop analytical activities and products to support larger programs or initiatives related to nuclear weapon options, effects and impacts, and assessments of resiliency or vulnerability of systems critical to national deterrence. MI works proactively with DoD partners to facilitate LANL’s position as the “Technical Expert Prime Contractor."

The scope of the Office includes nuclear weapons policy, emerging national security threats, nuclear strategy and deterrence, nuclear nonproliferation, counter proliferation, arms control, WMD terrorism and emerging threats. NSIS provides technology policy analyses of current global security topics and nuclear policy matters

NSIS experts

  • Permanent staff
  • Postdocs and students
  • Military Fellows

Analysis and engagement

NSIS also develops institutional papers, conducts analytical studies, sponsors workshops, table top exercises (TTXs), wargaming and conferences related to national security matters.