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Current Summer Research Fellows


Nicholas Borges, MST-8
Worchester Polytechnic
Feasibility of Small Animal Anatomical and Functional Imaging with Neutrons

Lucas Boron-Brenner, C-NR
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Chromatographic Separations of Actinides, Lanthanides, and Transition Metals

Jacquelyn Dorhout, C-IIAC
University of Nevada Las Vegas
Explorations into Organouranium Synthetic Chemistry

Thomas Duignan, T-1
University of Buffalo
Temperature Dependence of XAS in Lanthanides and Actinides

Nicholas Hubley, MPA-11
University of Missouri-Columbia
Dissolution of Post-Detonation Nuclear Debris via Ammonium Bifluoride

Adnan Khair, T-4
University of New Mexico
f-electron Database: A Data Analysis and Learning Tool for Strongly Correlated Materials

Scott Pattenaude, C-IIAC
Purdue University
Understanding Bonding in the Actinides: Synthesis of Np and Pu Tris(imido) Complexes

Tan Shi, P-25
University of Michigan
Actinide Sputtering Induced by Fission with Ultra-cold Neutrons

Katherine Shield, C-NR
University of California, Berkeley
Application of Silicon Drift Detector to Nuclear Forensics

Katherine Thornock, C-NR
University of Nevada Las Vegas
Application of Silicon Drift Detector to Nuclear Forensics


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