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External collaborations are an integral part of the DREAM effort. Here is a short list of external partners in this program.

  • Jay Albert (AFRL)
  • has an extensive expertise in diffusion solvers and radiation belt physics. He will collaborate with us on diagonalizing the diffusion tensor.

  • Sebastien Bourdarie (ONERA)
  • is an expert on radiation belt physics and our contact for the Salammbo code. He will help us with further developoment of Salammbo and data intercalibration.

  • Richard Thorne (UCLA)
  • studies the role of wave-particle interactions in collisionless space plasmas. Wave induced scattering is responsible for the injection and loss of energetic particles from the radiation belts of a planet, and the deposition of energy into the middle atmosphere. Wave-particle scattering can also cause the transfer of energy from one particle population to another, and ultimately to stochastic acceleration processes at extremely high energies.

  • Yuri Shprits (UCLA)
  • is interested in the high variability of electron fluxes during strom time conditions. He is also working on diffusion codes, local accelerations, losses, and data assimilation.

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