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D  Energy and Infrastructure Analysis, D-4


  • Group Leader
    Timothy McPherson
  • Deputy Group Leader
    James Doyle
  • Group Administrator
    Pauline Borrego
    (505) 667-2266
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Energy and Infrastructure Analysis Group

Our mission is to perform basic and applied research focused on increasing the security of the nation's energy infrastructure.

We specialize in the development and use of macromodels and microsimulations. These provide detailed, quantified information on the physical, operational, and economic behavior of energy networks, infrastructures, and industries.

Our expertise covers the generation, transmission, and distribution of electric power, natural gas, oil, and coal, as well as other, nonenergy systems critical to energy security.

We ensure the scientific and technological validity of our models by working closely with physicists, engineers, mathematicians, statisticians, computer scientists, and economists and by employing interdependency, optimization, and risk-assessment frameworks.

Core Capabilities

Infrastructure Interdependency Modeling and Simulations

  • Examines how infrastructure systems interact with one another and how disruptions in one infrastructure can propagate among infrastructures
  • Analyzing how disruptions can propagate from one infrastructure system to another
  • Critical skills: developers, GIS analysts, sector expertise, economists
  • Major customers: DHS, DOE, DoD, Intel

Infrastructure Visualization and Data Management

  • Providing key information in formats easily understood by decision-makers
  • Critical skills: developers, GIS, database administrators
  • Major customers: DHS, DOE

Homeland Security and Defense Infrastructure Analysis

  • Predicting impacts of domestic infrastructure disruptions
  • Critical skills: developers, sector expertise, GIS, economists
  • Major customers: DHS, DOE, DoD, other national labs

International Infrastructure Simulation and Analyses

  • Analyzing international infrastructure dependencies and interdependencies
  • Assessing stability of infrastructures in regions important to the nation’s tactical and strategic interests
  • Critical skills: developers, GIS, data, infrastructure expertise, economists
  • Major customers: Intel, DoD, DHS, DOE

Energy/Water/Environmental Systems Modeling and Analyses

  • Revealing links between critical environmental and climate issues and energy and water issues
  • Analyzing cost-benefit and infrastructure-integration factors of potential technologies and strategies
  • Performing analyses over tactical and strategic time scales
  • Critical skills: developers, energy & water expertise, GIS, economists
  • Major customers: DOE, other national labs

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