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Residual Stress Conferences

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Los Alamos Residual Stress Pages:
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Please email me if you have any better information on these events.

Veqter is now maintaining a better list of residual stress conferences.


Major Residual Stress Conferences:

Conference Date & location Details
2020: Meca-SENS 2020: Stress Evaluation by Neutron and Synchrotron Radiation. 4-8 October 2020, Prague,Czech Republic Abstracts due 15 April 2020.

ICRS 11, the 11th International Conference on Residual Stresses, will be 2020 in Nancy, France

Nancy, France, 2020. December 7th to 10th. I am unable to find any more details as of 6 March 2020.
2017: North American Residual Stress Summit October 24-26, 2017. Dayton, Ohio, USA.  
2018: ECRS 10: The European Conference on Residual Stresses (every 4 years). 11-14 September, 2018, Leuven, Belgium.  






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