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NMT Division Science and Technology Assessment a Success

The following reports and publications were processed by the Division Office during this quarter:

K. M. Axler, P. C. Lopez, and J. A. McNeese; "Los Alamos Site Update," 14th Annual Pyrochemical Workshop; Boulder, Colorado, October 31-November 3, 1994.

K. M. Axler and P. C. Lopez; "Process Optimization, and Equipment/Material Substitution for Waste Minimization," 1995 Los Alamos National Laboratory Pollution Prevention Showcase, Santa Fe, New Mexico; January 16-18, 1995.

R. A. Bibeau, A. Sandoval, N. Pope, and T. Hayes; "A Computer-Based Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System for Plutonium Waste Recovery," (Informal Distribution), October, 1994.

B. Cort, J. Ward, F. Vigil, and R. G. Haire; "Resistivity Studies of Cubic Americium Hydrides from 20 to 300 K," (submitted to Journal of Alloys and Compounds), November, 1994.

V. R. Dole, E. Garcia, J. A. McNeese, and W. J. Griego; "Distillation Separation of Chloride Salts from Plutonium," 14th Annual Pyrochemical Workshop, Boulder, Colorado, October 31-November 3, 1994.

J. Johnston, P. Trupp, Y. Rivera, and J. Lugo; "Glovebox Safety Training," Shaping the Environment Session of the 11th Symposium on Training of Nuclear Facility Personnel, San Antonio, Texas; April 9-13, 1994.

S. M. Long, "Design and Fabrication of NDA Standards," 1994 Plutonium/Uranium Recovery Operations Conference, Knoxville, Tennessee; October 17-20, 1994.

S. M. Long, "Design and Fabrication of NDA Standards," 17th Symposium on Safeguards and Nuclear Material Management, Cologne, Germany; May 9-11, 1995.

S. M. Long, "Update on Fabrication of 12% PU-240 Calorimetry Standards," Second International Workshop on Calorimetric Assay, Santa Fe, New Mexico; November 14-16, 1994.

K. K. S. (Sam) Pillay, "Disposition Scenarios and Safeguardability of Fissile Materials Under START Treaties," 1993 ANS Winter Meeting, San Francisco, California.

M. A. Reimus, B. T. Martinez, J. R. Stevens, and T. E. Boyd; "Pilot-Scale Ash Dissolution and Dicesium Hexachloroplutonate (DCHP) Precipitation," Los Alamos National Laboratory report LA-12 890-MS (UCNI).

N. A. Rink, Editor, "Quarterly Status Report of the Nuclear Materials Packaging and Repackaging Project and Vault Work-Off Project, Fourth Quarter of FY 1994," September, 1994.

P. L. Wallace, L. D. Calvert, M. H. Mueller, T. C. Huang, J. N. Dann, and S. Weissmann; "A New Materials Data Compilation Can Help in Actinide Phase-Diagram Research," in Actinide Processing, Methods and Materials (B. Mishra and W. A. Averill, eds.), pp. 520; The Minerals, Metals, and Materials (TMS) Society, Warrendale, Pennsylvania, 1994.

L. A. Worl, F. C. Prenger, T. L. Tolt, A. R. Schake, D. D. Padilla, D. R. Romero, and D. D. Hill; "Magnetic Separation CRADA 1994 Phase Two Report," Milestone Report for CRADA to DOE/EM-50, October, 1994.

C. Zawodzinski, W. H. Smith, and K. R. Martinez; "Cobalt (III) - Catalyzed Electrochemical Oxidation of Selected Organics," Eighth International Forum on Electrolysis in the Chemical Industry, Lake Buena Vista, FL; November 13-17, 1994.

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