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November 2012

  • New device serves NASA mission
  • From David's Desk
  • Emerging hybrid materials for sustainable energy
  • Deformation twinning in explosively-driven tantalum
  • Acta Materialia Inc. appoints Grey as chairman
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September 2012

  • Students and mentors recognized for notable technical talks
  • From David's Desk
  • MST scientists study accident performance of light water reactor cladding materials
  • Despite critical equipment failure, MST-16 meets Pit Surveillance program milestone
  • Unraveling graphene nanoribbons through computer simulation
  • MST-8 scientists bring international conferences to Santa Fe
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August 2012

  • MST researchers win R&D 100 award
  • From the Desk: Know your Worker Safety and Security team rep QUIZ!
  • MST-7 researcher lends expertise to optical materials journal
  • Scripta Materialia ranks Los Alamos materials science paper one of the hottest research papers
  • A novel approach to experimental studies of fission gasses in materials prospective for nuclear energy applications
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July 2012

  • Jason Cooley: Peering into previously inaccessible realms
  • Cerreta joins faculty of Washington State University
  • Cooling solids to cryogenic temperatures with a laser
  • Amy Clarke honored with Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers
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June 2012

  • Polish science and technology university recognizes Zurek for materials science contributions
  • From Anna's Desk
  • Bulk texture evolution of nanolamellar composites during accumulative roll bonding
  • ICE II experiment furthers understanding of irradiation effects on LBE-induced corrosion on steel
  • Heads UP!
  • Nonadiabatic forces in ion-solid interactions: The initial stages of radiation damage

May 2012

  • Alison Costello: One for the team
  • From David's Desk
  • High-energy x-ray diffraction and tomography used to characterize ceramic nuclear fuels
  • MST researchers unravel cause of lattice swelling in complex oxides
  • Measuring Poisson ratio for poly(siloxane) foams in compression
  • Clarke recognized with early career research award
  • 2012 Materials Capability Review Committee
  • From Steve‚Äôs Desk

April 2012

  • Laboratory's materials research to be showcased at capability review
  • From Mark's Desk
  • In situ monitoring of dynamic phenomena during solidification
  • Comparison of in situ 3D imaged foams in compression with modeling
  • John Carpenter to receive TMS Young Leader Professional Development Award
  • Scientific journal publishes special issue in honor of Carlos Tomé
  • Three spring meetings on radiation effects

March 2012

  • Brian Patterson: Experiencing the finer aspects of materials in three dimension
  • From David's Desk
  • Wang to chair accelerator conference
  • LANL researchers invited to speak at UT Homeland Security Workshop
  • Paper by MST researchers featured on front page of Phys. Rev. B. website
  • Heads UP!

February 2012

  • James Valdez: From apples to atoms; merging worlds to build a brighter future
  • Twinning dislocations research results in "hottest" Acta Materialia paper
  • MST research highlighted at technical symposium
  • Radiation detection scintillator receives patent
  • Heads UP!

January 2012

  • American Physical Society honors Bogdan Mihaila
  • From David's Desk
  • Gray presents invited talk at DC materials science and engineering event
  • Sol-gel processing and characterization of a Ba0.75SR0.25Ti0.95Zr0.0503ceramic
  • Heads UP!
  • From Steve's Desk

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