Los Alamos National Laboratory
Materials Science in Radiation and Dynamics Extremes (MST-8)
He bubbles foming at a Cu <100> twist grain boundary
He bubbles forming at a Cu <100> twist grain boundary

Evaluating and predicting structure/property relationships

  • Predict structure/property relationships of structural (metals, alloys, actinides, binders, energetic, and specialty) materials from atomistic to continuum length scales;
  • Use computational materials modeling to inform and complement the measurements listed above;
  • Synthesize and characterize thermophysical properties, in particular of single crystals, ceramics and nuclear fuels;
  • Measurement of static and dynamic mechanical properties of metals, ceramics, polymers and energetic materials and prediction of their constitutive performance particularly as affected by microstructure;
  • Employ a wide range of ion, photon and neutron beam techniques for sample characterization.
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