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Linda's talk stressed that both past and present are important to the Lab's future.

In our latest newsletterLinda Deck

Linda Deck (the Museum's director) was the leading speaker at this year's TEDxLANL event.

Museum director featured during TEDxLANL event

On May 19, Linda Deck, director of the Bradbury Science Museum, delivered a talk during the Lab’s third TEDxLANL event. First of eight speakers, the title of her talk was: Tomorrow’s history made fresh daily.

During her presentation, Linda covered the new partnership between the Department of Energy and the National Park Service to create the Manhattan Project National Historical Park. She also highlighted the various sites on Lab property being readied for eventual public visits. Linda noted this it is the history of the Manhattan Project that frequently draws people to the Museum. However, once there, there’s an opportunity to learn about the important work that’s done today that rests on the shoulders of that history.

Linda’s eight-minute talk, originally presented at TEDxLANL.

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