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Polymers and Coatings (MST-7)

Target Design and Fabrication

target design and fabrication

The Target Fabrication Team is a multi-disciplined team with its specialties applied to producing very complex ICF/HEDP targets with its makeup in fields of engineering and unique machining capabilities. This team is dedicated to customer needs of complex fabrication design done within very firm deadlines and quick delivery within a few months of design. Assembly and characterization capabilities are optimized for the performing of very accurate assembly within 5um precision of multiple meso-scale components within a volume of 2mm3. Typically, fifteen to forty-five assemblies are produced within a three-month time frame. Research and development is sometimes required and is built into the production schedule to use the various other expertises within MST-7 and other LANL groups. Current developments are in the use of an 11-axis robotic station with Machine Vision feedback to achieve even closer tolerances to any alignment specification in these complex assemblies.

The rapid fabrication tasks performed by this team consist of:

  • Obtaining the customer’s requirements for a piece of hardware
  • Determining how to fabricate and assemble this hardware
  • Performing engineering and design
  • Manufacturing the parts
  • Inspection
  • Assembly
  • Documentation
  • Delivery to the site, and
  • Fielding

Machining capabilities:

  • Diamond Turning Machines, including a X-Y-Z lathe
  • Beryllium Diamond Turning and Micro EDM
  • CNC lathes and Mills
  • Wire and Plunge EDM
  • 5-axis Ultra-Precision Kern Mill
  • White Light Interferometer for surface finish and feature inspection

Derek Schmidt, Team Leader

  • Waine Archer
  • Deanna Capelli
  • Max Castello
  • Thomas Day
  • Frank Fierro
  • Doug Hatch
  • John Martinez
  • Blaine Randolph
  • Gerry Rivera
  • James Williams

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