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Metallurgy (MST-6)

Electrochemistry & Corosion (E&C)

The Electrochemistry & Corrosion Team is comprised of several diverse interdisciplinary sub-teams spanning the realm of production processing, specialty corrosion and interface studies, lifetime assessments, and quantum mechanical theory and modeling of pertinent interfacial problems. Within the E&C team exist capabilities for sophisticated electrochemical and interfacial corrosion studies under extreme and reactive environments, surface and near-surface characterization, and in situ processing. Virtually every common surface characterization capability resides within the E&C team. In addition to these research capabilities, the E&C team operates the only fully functional electroplating and finishing shop in the NNSA weapons program complex. Common industrial-scale operations include electroplating (gold, copper, chromium, and electrode-less processes), electropolishing, anodization, ebonal treatments, electroetching and thinning, and an extensive surface cleaning capability. Also resident in the E&C team is a core set of lifetime assessment projects, an extensive metal hydriding facility, and metal and non-metal compatibility testing capabilities. Finally, to complete the team, a core set of theoretical and materials science computational scientists capably augment and lead efforts in collaborative corrosion and interface science.

Corrosion Laboratory: Chris Taylor

Interface Laboratory/Team: Roland Schulze and Mary Ann Hill

Electroplating, Cleaning, and Finishing: Randy Edwards, Mike Mauro

Lifetime Assessments and Hydride Programs: Carol Haertling, Joe Wermer, and Blake Nolen

Modeling of Defects and Interfaces: Bogdan Mihaila, and Chris Taylor

Robert Field, Acting Team Leader

  • Barry Bingham
  • Randall Edwards
  • Carol Haertling
  • Mary Ann Hill
  • Jason Lashley
  • Michael Mauro
  • Bogdan Mihaila
  • Doug Safarik
  • Christopher Taylor
Specialty clean atmosphere cells interfaced to ultra high vacuum surface characterization apparatus
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