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Materials Research Highlights

Advances in fuel cells (pdf)
R. Borup (MPA-11)

Innovative materials physics and applications (pdf)

Metallic nanolayered composites exhibit ultra-high strength and ductility (pdf)
N.A. Mara (MST-6); D. Bhattacharyya (MPA-CINT); P. Dickerson (MST-6); J.K. Baldwin (MPA-CINT); R.G. Hoagland (MST-8); A. Misra (MPA-CINT)

Frontiers in thermoacoustic refrigeration and mixture separation (pdf)
S. Backhaus (MPA-10); D. Geller (AET-3); B. Ward (AET-6); G. Swift (MPA-10)

Submicron resolution ferromagnetic resonance microscopy using scanned probe MRFM (pdf)
E. Nazaretski and R. Movshovich (MPA-10)

Nanowire technologies for radiation detection applications (pdf)
G. Brown (MST-8); T. Picraux (MPA-CINT); M. Hoffbauer (C-ADI)

Development of improved radiation detector materials (pdf)
C. Stanek, K. McClellan (MST-8); C. Chen (MST-6); T. Burrell (MPA-MC)

The effects of rhenium doping on the temperature-versus-high magnetic field phase diagram of URu_2Si_2
S. Francoual (MPA-NHMFL)

Radiation damage effects in uranium-bearing delta-phase oxides
M. Tang (MST-8)

Probing the nature of uranium-ligand multiple bonds
R. Gdula (MPA-MC)

Shape memory effect deformation structures in a uranium-niobium alloy
A. Clarke (MST-6)

An investigation of the reactivity of a trans-bis(imido) uranium(VI) complex
L. Spencer (MPA-MC)

Observation of competing order in a high-Tc superconductor using femtosecond optical pulses (pdf)
E. E. M. Chia (MPA-CINT); J.-X. Zhu (T-11); D. Talbayev (MPA-CINT); R. D. Averitt (Boston University); A. J. Taylor (MPA-CINT)

Development of nanocomposite scintillators (pdf)
R. E. Del Sesto (MPA-MC); E. A. McKigney (N-1); D. W. Cooke, R. E. Muenchausen (MST-8); K. C. Ott (MPA-MC); R. D. Gilbertson (MST-7); T. M. McCleskey (MPA-MC); M. Bacrania (N-1); L. G. Jacobsohn (MST-8); A. K. Burrell (MPA-MC); B. L. Bennett, S. C. Sitarz, J. F. Smith (MST-8)

Low-cost, non-precious metal/polymer composite catalysts for fuel cells (pdf)
R. Bashyam and P. Zelenay (MPA-11)

Metamaterials for threat reduction applications: imaging, signal processing, and cloaking (pdf)
R. D. Averitt, A. J. Taylor (MPA-CINT); W. J. Padilla (Boston College)

Strange atomic vibes observed in uranium at high temperatures (pdf)
M. E. Manley (MST-6)

Polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) durability (pdf)
R. L. Borup, J. R. Davey, F. H. Garzon, D. L Wood (MPA-11); P. M. Welch (T-14); K. More (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)

The effect of shock wave profile shape on damage in copper (pdf)
G.T. Gray III, L.B. Addessio, E. Cerreta, C.A. Yablinsky (MST-8); D.D. Koller, R.S. Hixson, R.A. Rigg, J.D. Maestas (DE-9)

Probing hidden magnetism and quantum criticality in unconventional superconductors (pdf)
T. Park and J.D. Thompson (MST-10)

Unconventional superconductivity in PuCoGa_5 (pdf)
N. Curro (MST-10)

High temperature separation membranes for hydrogen purification and carbon capture (pdf)
K.A. Berchtold (MST-7); J.S. Young (X-2); K.W. Dudeck (MST-7)

New approaches for study of substrate-supported phospholipid membranes (pdf)
A.P. Shreve, A.M. Dattelbaum (MST-CINT); A.N. Parikh (University of California, Davis)

Imaging spin-polarized electron transport in semiconductors (pdf)
S.A. Crooker (MST-NHMFL) and D.L. Smith (T-11)

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