Generating Documentation for Document

To generate the documentation for this routine, you can use Document's self-documentation option to run an internally-defined script:

  % Document -self Document

Or, to generate the documentation manually, run Document on itself: 1

  % Document Document
  % cd Document_doc
  % latex Document
  % makeindex Document
  % latex Document
  % latex Document

To view the dvi file, continue with:

  % xdvi Document_doc/Document &

If PostScript output is desired, then continue with:

  % dvips Document
  % lpr

If HTML documentation is desired, then continue with:

  % cp Document.dvi ..
  % latex2html -nomath -html_version 4.0,math -no_subdir -toc_stars Document 
  % mv ../Document.dvi .
  % cp ../Document .
  % cp ../hallstone.jpg .
  % cp -r /usr/share/latex2html/icons .
  % rm Document.tar.gz *.aux *.idx *.ilg *.ind *.log *.toc
  % cd ..
  % gtar cvzhf Document.tar.gz Document_doc
  % mv Document.tar.gz Document_doc

and load the URL ``file://localhost/<current_directory>/Document_doc/index.html'' into your favorite web browser.

Michael L. Hall