10.3.6 Generate_Multiple_Base_Structure Procedure

The Generate_Multiple_Base_Structure procedure generates a structure which is a multiple of an existing Base Structure - that is, it initializes a new Base Structure that is N times as large as the old Base Structure on every PE.

Calling syntax:

call Generate_Multiple (Structure_Multiple, N, Structure_source, status)

Input variables:

 Structure_source  The Base_Structure to be duplicated.
 N  The number of times larger the new structure is to be.
 Locus  The location or variable name which is distributed over the processors (Cells, Nodes, Faces, Equations, Variables, etc.). [Optional]

Output variables:

 Structure_Multiple  The Base_Structure object is now a copy of the Structure_source Mathematic Vector.
 status  If present, the status variable is set to either 'Memory Error' or 'Success' depending on program execution. If not present, the procedure aborts if unsuccessful when the DEBUG_LEVEL is set high enough.

The Generate_Multiple_Base_Structure code listing contains additional documentation.

Michael L. Hall