10.3.7 Get Value Base_Structure Functions

The Get_Value_Structure functions return values from a Base_Structure object.

Calling syntax:

Output = First_PE (Structure) ,
Output = Last_PE (Structure) ,
Output = Length_PE (Structure) ,
Output = Length_Total (Structure) ,
Output = Length_Vector (Structure) ,
Output = Locus (Structure) or
Output = Range_PE (Structure)  

Input variables:

 Structure  The Base_Structure object to be examined.

Output variable:

 Output  For Locus, returns a character variable containing the locus assigned to the object upon initialization. For Range_PE, returns a dimension(2) integer containing the range of values on this PE. For Length_Vector, returns a dimension(NPEs) integer containing the number of values on all PEs. For all other functions, returns an integer variable with the named value for the Base_Structure object.

The Get Value Base_Structure code listing contains additional documentation.

Michael L. Hall