RaveGrid (v 2.5*)

RaveGrid (Raster to vector Graphics for image data) version 2.5* is the leading image vectorization and image segmentation application available today, taking your raster images and turning them into smaller, editable vector images in the SVG format. Not only is the speed and scale of converting complex image raster files greater than any other product in the market, RaveGrid can accommodate images with noise and low contrast; anomalies that cause other products to fail during the conversion process. Even demanding tasks such as converting large libraries of high-resolution raster images to discrete vector files for image/object detection will be processed easily by RaveGrid v2.5*.

A commercial license is required for any use beyond personal, informal use. Please contact at us at: software@lanl.gov or Jerome Garcia, 505-665-4842, for additional information on RaveGrid and its background technology.

About RaveGrid (pdf)

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