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  • Yongqiang Wang

  • Staff Scientist, CINT, MST-8
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  • (505) 665-1596


Dr. Yongqiang Wang, a CINT scientist at its In-situ Characterization and Nanomechanics Thrust at MPA-CINT; Director of Ion Beam Materials Laboratory (IBML) and Team Leader for Radiation Science Experimental Team at MST-8.  He is an expert in irradiation materials research with energetic ion beams through ion-solid interactions. His laboratory currently hosts 3 MV Pelletron Tandem ion accelerator, 200 kV Varian Production ion implanter, 200 kV Danfysik research ion implanter, and 20 kV Low Energy Colutron ion implanter.  The research topics ranges from irradiation response and mechanical stability of nanoscale structures and material systems, ion enhanced synthesis and modification of nanostructures and thin films through defect engineering and/or chemical doping by ion implantation, thin film composition and defect characterization through ion beam analysis and ion channeling, and laboratory emulations of irradiation environments in nuclear reactors, nuclear waste storage and actinide research, and space explorations.

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Current Group Members

  • Matt Chancey, Research Technologist, B.S. Physics, University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill  
  • Hyosim Kim, Postdoc (joined May 2019), Ph.D. Nuclear Engineering, Texas A&M University  
  • Berg Dodson, Post Master Student (joined March 2020), M.S. Physics, Brigham Young University
  • Franziska Schmidt, Ph.D. Research Graduate (joined Sept 2019), UC Berkeley  
  • Prof. Farida Selim, Guest Faculty (since January 2021), Bowling Green State University

Editorial Positions

  • Editor of Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms (NIMB) (2020 - present)
  • Editorial Board Member of Materials (2020 – present)
  • Editorial Board Member of NIMB (2015 – 2020)
  • Review Editorial Board Member for Frontiers in Energy Research - Nuclear Energy (2016 –present)
  • Guest Editor, Special issue of Materials: Radiation Damage in Materials: Helium Effects, MDPI publisher, Basel, Switzerland, Sept. 2019
  • Guest Editor, Special issue of Materials: Ion Beam Analysis, Modification, and Irradiation of Materials, MDPI publisher, Basel, Switzerland, August 2017