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  • Stosh Kozimor

  • Chemist, C-IIAC
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  • (505) 667-1091

Stosh Kozimor's research interest centers on solving problems associated with radioactive isotopes. This interest broadly spans:

(1) Advancing synthetic methodologies for actinides and other radioactive isotopes.

(2) Developing new radiochemical separations methods and procedures.

(3) Advancing understanding of electronic structure and bonding in inorganic compounds.

As such we maintain active scientific programs in synthetic and spectroscopic laboratories that are specially equipped for handing highly radioactive samples. Additional experimental campaigns make use of capabilities at DOE supported synchrotron user-facilities. Particular emphasis is placed on training students (high-school, undergraduate, graduate) and post-doctoral researchers to study radioactive isotopes. It is our hope that these efforts contribute to securing the National Nuclear Workforce and help in preparing the next generation of scientist for solving future nuclear problems that face society and the nation.