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  • Patrick Chain

  • Scientist, Metagenomics Applications Team Leader, Bioinformatics and Analytics Team Leader, Genome Programs Lead, B-GEN
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  • (505) 665-4019

Genomics and Bioinformatics: Use of sequencing to characterize and understand biological systems, ranging from microbial, to plants and humans, with special focus on microbial communities, or microbiomes. Development of algorithms and methods (with a focus on metagenomics) to make better use of next generation sequencing technologies, and to develop platforms that allow more traditional biologists to interpret high throughput sequencing data. Development of ontologies for pathogens and epidemiology, in order to better make use of streaming sequencing data to advance biosurveillance efforts. Development of methods to integrate various omics data to relate gene content and metabolic potential, to gene/protein expression, and metabolite exchange within key biological systems.

Molecular Biology and GeneticsMicrobial Ecology and Evolution: Studies of bacteria and archaea in a variety of environments, including within or living with eukaryotic host systems, such as fungi, algae, plants and animals (including humans). Conduct directed, experimental evolution studies to better understand antimicrobial resistance, and utilize comparative genomics methods to infer evolutionary history of strains and species. Development of methods to capture and sort combinations of bacterial/eukaryotic cells to better understand cell to cell dynamics.