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  • Scientist, CCS-2
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My expertise is in high energy astrophysics, with a focus on gamma-ray bursts.  Some of my work is devoted to using gamma-ray bursts as cosmological tools, but the majority involves understanding their intrinsic properties - their emission mechanisms, particle acceleration processes, and the nature of their inner engine. 

 I am heavily involved in public scientific outreach.  I lead the outreach effort at the Center for Theoretical Astrophysics at LANL, developing a variety of programs and regularly visiting schools throughout northern New Mexico to do hands-on physics experiments with students. I run a UNM-LA Community Education class on modern astrophysics, have helped develop the curriculum and a mentorship program for an astronomy class at Los Alamos Middle School, occasionally give planetarium shows at the PEEC, and participate in the Bradbury's Scientist Ambassador program.

 I am on the faculty at University of New Mexico, Los Alamos where I teach a variety of physics classes for undergraduates.