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  • Nataliia Makedonska

  • Scientist 2 at Computational Earth Science Group, EES-16
  • Email
  • (505) 665-4716

Subsurface flow and transport simulation in fractured media

  • Reservoir-scale DFN modeling & prediction of natural gas production (FE)
  • Modeling & analysis of contaminant transport (UGTA, UFD)
  • CO2 sequestration (NRAP)

Development of dfnWorks software

  • Development and implementation of a particle tracking approach for transport modeling in three dimensional Discrete Fracture Networks (DFNs)
  • Development & implementation of fracture aperture variability
  • Meshing algorithms for "DFN_volume" mesh production
  • Reservoir-scale DFN modeling & prediction of natural gas production

Granular Modeling (Doctoral Research)

  • Simulation & analysis of dry granular material behavior under external shear force
  • Modeling of cohesive bonds between grains for representing solid rock using DEM
  • Numerical modeling of pressure dissolution process, which allows granular dissolution at stressed contacts between grains, interactions with fractures, and grain sliding
  • Algorithm design for stylolites formation via localization of grains dissolution

Monte Carlo simulations of glassy systems (Doctoral Research)

  • Implementation of MC method for modeling of multicomponent glassy systems on an atomic level of particles interaction
  • Implementation of the new Multilevel Algorithm to calculate physical properties of a single-component systems at solid phase
  • Development of the Multilevel Monte Carlo Algorithm with Fast Summation method to model point-dipole lattices and to indicate a phase transition