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  • Manvendra Dubey

  • Laboratory Fellow, EES-14
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  • (505) 665-3128

Dubey’s multidisciplinary research has created a confluence of field observations, laboratory measurements, computational models and simulations to inform climate-biogeochemistry-carbon models to improve predictions of climate change and air-quality for a responsible energy policy. He has performed focused greenhouse gas, aerosol, and trace gas measurements from in situ remote and satellite sensors to verify emissions and enable an effective climate policy. His state-of-art optical measurements showed absorbing aerosols from wildfires and fossil combustion play a key role in climate and he derived new formulations to treat them in models. He discovered the methane hot spot over Four Corners and demonstrated the ability of remote sensing to verify power-plant CO2 and NO2 emissions. Dubey has recently set up a Center of Aerosol Forensic Experiments (CAFE) at LANL that includes a Soot Particle Time of Flight Mass Spectrometer, aer0sol aging chamber and numerous optical, microphysical and water uptake measurement instruments. He has been PI on projects with ~$30M funds at LANL, managed LANL’s graduate climate science mini-grant programs to academia, edited EGU’s Atmos. Chem Phys. & AGU’s Geophys. Res. Lett, mentored 10 staff, 14 postdocs, 6 graduates and 30 undergraduates, participated in 20 atmospheric chemistry/GHG field programs, organized 14 conferences and special sessions in climate science and treaty verification, reviewed US’s climate science program for the National Academies and is actively engaged in international collaborations in India, Europe and Brazil. Dubey led NSF's Atmospheric Chemistry Research Program in 2016-2017 where he managed a $15M/year program and was the lead agency representative for the USGCRP's 4th National Climate Assessment. He has over 110 peer review publications with 3600 citations and a h-index of 38, was a Fulbright-Nehru Research and Teaching Scholar in IISc Bengaluru in 2013, was awarded LANL Fellows Outstanding Research Prize in 2015, and selected to be a Laboratory Fellow by LANL in 2017.