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  • Katherine Jungjohann

  • Scientist, CINT
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  • (505) 284-6892

In-Situ Characterization and Nanomechanics

Current research interests are on in-situ transmission electron microscopy (TEM) to study the nanoscale mechanisms that relate structure to properties for solid-liquid interfacial reactions.

  • Development of new instrumentation for controlled environmental mechanical testing within the TEM, investigation of chemical-electrochemical-mechanical processes within materials at nanoscale
  • Quantitative electrochemical testing (organic electrolytes, ionic liquid electrolytes, and solid electrolytes) on individual nanostructures
  • Observation of nanoparticle assembly and growth in a liquid environment
  • Corrosion mechanisms of real materials at the nanoscale
  • Beginning work on Environmental TEM, study of catalyst nanoparticles and gas-reactions at solid surfaces