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  • Jeffrey Heikoop

  • Deputy Group Leader, EES-14
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  • (505) 667-8128


My research expertise includes 1) the use of nitrogen, carbon, oxygen, deuterium, sulfur, chromium and uranium isotopes as geochemical tracers of pollution and in interrogating biogeochemical cycles; 2) contaminant dynamics in complex surface and subsurface environments; 3) reconstructing paleoclimate records from the lake sediments, bogs, corals and tree rings utilizing light stable isotopes, trace elements and other proxies.  Recent special interests include a) paleoclimate records in lacustrine sediments, b) applying geochemical techniques to tracing contaminants such as nitrate, chromate, uranium and perchlorate, and c) the use of isotopes in optimizing algal biofuels production, d) isotopic measurements of global change, particularly in Arctic environments and e) environmentally sound in-situ recovery mining of uranium.