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  • Emily Casleton, PhD

  • Deputy Group Leader, CCS-6
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  • (505) 665-1286
Dr. Emily Casleton is currently the deputy group leader of the statistical sciences group, but was recruited to LANL as a summer student at the 2012 Conference on Data Analysis (CoDA). She joined the Lab as a post doc in 2014 after earning her PhD in Statistics from Iowa State University. Since converting to staff in 2015, Emily has routinely collaborated with seismologists, nuclear engineers, physicists, geologists, chemists, and computer scientists on a wide variety of cool data-driven projects. Most recently, she has been the PI of a data analytics project under the NA-22 venture MINOS; co-organizer of the invited CCS-6 seminar series; and co-chair of CoDA, the conference that brought her here a decade ago.