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  • Abul Azad

  • Staff Scientist, CINT, MPA-CINT
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  • (505) 667-0212


My research interests are in the area of plasmonic metamaterials, ultrafast optics, terahertz science and technology, and applied electromagnetics. I have made significant contributions in CINT's Nanophotonics and Optical Nanomaterials thrust area by demonstrating plasmonic metamaterials, introducing pioneering ideas, and experimentally verifying unprecedented electromagnetic properties that are not readily available in nature. I have published over 80 papers that have been cited > 10000 times with an h-index of 46 (Google Scholar). I have published many papers in high echelon journals such as Science, Nature Photonics, Nature Communications, PRL, Nano Letters, Light Science and Applications, APL, and AOM, demonstrating the outstanding quality of my research. I have delivered > 30 invited presentations at various national and international conferences. My contributions to photonics have been recognized nationally and internationally, and as recognition, I was elected as a Fellow, Optical Society of America 2019. I have served in many national and international committees as a subject matter expert including NSF review panel, NSF workshop, DOE review panel, and various conferences.

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