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Richard HughesRichard Hughes is a quantum information physicist who works on quantum cryptography with the quantum computing teams at the Laboratory. A member of the Laboratory's Physics Division, he is also currently the chair of two panels of eminent scientists who are engaged in creating national roadmaps to help guide the future development of those two fields.

Danna Rosenberg is a physicist working in P-21 on quantum key distribution, a method for users to create a shared, secret key that can be used to encrypt data with security based on quantum mechanics rather than on computational complexity. She is part of a team studying the use of low noise superconducting single photon detectors to extend the range and explore the limits of fiber optic quantum key distribution. Her interests include the development and use of these detectors for other quantum information applications, such as linear optics quantum computing and the creation and detection of non-classical states of light.

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Los Alamos researchers on a scheme for efficient quantum computation with linear optics

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