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Condensed Matter

Marilyn HawleyMarilyn Hawley of the Materials Science and Technology Division is exploring a novel "bottom-up" fabrication approach to using a scanning tunneling microscope to create a solid-state, silicon-based, quantum computer. The approach involves the fabrication of atoms in a spin array, which could be the functional basis of a quantum computer.

Toni TaylorToni Taylor is a physicist working in the Laboratory's Materials Science and Technology Division. Taylor is interested in the ways in which ultrafast optical pulses of light might be used to selectively excite such complex materials systems as nonlinear optical crystals, semiconductor quantum dots, and bulk materials, in order to prepare and manipulate specific electronic and photonic quantum states which may be of critical importance for building future quantum electronic and photonic devices.

Coherent control of quantum mechanical states can provide qualitatively new modes of computation and communication. The methods to experimentally manipulate quantum states are well established for isolated atoms and molecules.

Coherent Quantum Control

The field of coherent quantum control in condensed-matter systems remains relatively untouched, yet the ability to coherently manipulate solids is of critical importance for building future quantum information devices. We are developing methods to coherently prepare and manipulate and interrogate quantum states in condensed matter systems using several complementary classes of excitations such as electron spins in solids, excitons in semiconductor quantum dots, vibrational states in molecular crystals, and surface plasmons in metal nanostructures.

The Quantum Institute

Areas of Interest

  • Electron spins in solids
  • Excitons in semiconductor quantum dots
  • Vibrational states in molecular crystals
  • Surface plasmons in metal nanostructures
  • Scanning probe techniques
  • Ultrafast optical spectroscopies
  • Combination of scanning-probe and optical methods

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